HAMON-B.GRIMM completed cooling tower installation on T3 project for Lenzing Group (Thailand)

HAMON-B.GRIMM was awarded a contract to build 5 cells of FRP cooling tower in Prachinburi, Thailand by Lenzing Group that the world’s largest lyocell fiber plant in Thailand and Wood plc (Foster wheeler) as it is a professional engineering for engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) for this project.

The project located in Industrial Park 304 in Prachinburi around 150 kilometers east of Bangkok with cooling tower capacity of 2,000 m3/hr per cell with totally 10,000 m3/hr

HAMON-B.GRIMM have provided a special requirements of cooling tower with Lenzing Group which is a host of challenge of HAMON-B.GRIMM as following;

Fire wall are installed between cell 3 and 4 of cooling tower to help prevent fire from spreading through the tower and/or into the buildings which can be fire resistance at least 2 hours.

Firefighting system are designed and installed with cooling tower due to it contain combustible materials such as PVC fill, drift eliminator, nozzle and FRP structure etc. which may be at risk from fires to reduce structural damage and interruption of plant.

FRP lining on cooling tower basin that are designed to prevent chemicals from attacking the porous concrete or penetrating existing cracks into the chiller plant on first floor.

 Lighting system serve to provide the right amount of light on the deck floor and stair of cooling tower that is designed to achieve light uniformity.

Our scope also provided including side stream filtration unit that is designed automatic screen filter for filter degree 50 micron of cooling water to remove suspended solid, organic and particle. This result that is a reduction amount of water discharged from cooling tower and scale formation on the heat transfer surface.

The special requirements are employed to address the new challenges for testimony to the outstanding technical capability for cooling tower by HAMON- B.GRIMM.

 The project on the scheduled to start in March 2020 to February 2021 and we can be completed the installation of FRP cooling tower within 4 months HAMON-B.GRIMM team as Mr. Natapon Huayjanhom (Project manager), Mr. Satawad Paksai and Ms. Warangkana Kaewchai (Project engineer).

We are delighted to be a part of the project with Lenzing Group that can be delivered cooling tower to the world’s largest lyocell fiber plant in Thailand.