ANNOUNCEMENT Hamon-B.Grimm – committed

Hamon-B.Grimm, Thailand’s leading provider of advanced cooling tower systems for power plants, petrochemical and oil refineries, announces today its operations remain intact and is committed to deliver on all ongoing projects further to the bankruptcy of its Belgium-based partner Hamon C&E.

Hamon-B.Grimm has a long track record as a major supplier of high-quality cooling tower systems which have been delivered to top-tier clientele including power plants, petrochemical, oil refineries and other industries in Thailand.

“In view of the bankruptcy of Hamon C&E, as Hamon-B.Grimm we will deliver on our contractual commitments and provide the necessary support to our clients.”

In the future, the company has a plan to coordinate sales efforts, services and spare part requirements in Thailand with Hamon Thermal Europe based in France, which will make further announcement regarding its business direction.