Customer Services

Hamon-B.Grimm provides a full range of aftermarket services for existing cooling systems. We specialize in developing creative and cost-effective solutions to the operational challenges of installed equipment regardless of original manufacturer.


Cooling towers are often the most neglected part of your process equipment. Regular inspection and maintenance is the first step to ensuring its availability and reliability, as well as prolonging equipment life, thus delaying new capital investment. Regularthorough cleaning is also essential for the prevention of Legionnaires Disease because the presence of corrosion, scaling and biofilm are known to adversely affect the proliferation of the bacteria.

Our team can help you schedule your preventative maintenance plan as well as offer you a maintenance contract. A preventative performance program is essential to ensure smooth operation avoiding unexpected costly shutdowns and problems associated with legionella.

Repair, Revamping, Upgrade

Furthermore, for several reasons (ageing tower, increased power need, technical improvements, etc.) other works are required during the life of the cooling tower. Thank to the outstanding cooling tower competence of its site teams, Hamon-B.Grimm can consider any type of repairs, revamping and upgrades.

We would then prepare and submit proposals for repairs, partial or full refurbishment or upgrade of your cooling tower in order to prolong the operational life and/or to improve performance. We can and do act at all levels.