About Hamon-B.Grimm

B.Grimm is a multinational conglomerate founded in 1878, based in Bangkok, Thailand. The large-scale conglomerate is active in energy, building & industrial systems, healthcare, lifestyle, real estate, transport, and emerging digital technologies; with 22% annual growth in recent years. We seek to contribute to society by promoting all aspects of civilization, be it the economic sector or the development focusing on improving livelihood, education, culture, religion, equestrian and environment. As a unique contribution to the civilization in Thailand, under the philosophy “Doing Business with Compassion for the Development of Civilisation in Harmony with Nature”, we always wanting our associates, business partners and society at large to experience progress, prosperity and happiness.

About Hamon

Hamon has been starting its industrial activities in Europe (France and Belgium) at the beginning of the 20th century and developing the cooling tower business with growing mining and heavy industry sectors, demand growing prompted Hamon to move into the energy business. Hamon spread its wings geographically in the seventies and further consolidated the thermal business in the nineties. Hamon became a world leader in the product lines, it chose to be in respectively :

  • Cooling systems
  • Process heat exchangers
  • Emission control and heat recovery
  • HRSG & waste heat boilers
  • Chimneys

About B.Grimm

B.Grimm has been existing for over 142 years, which makes it one of the oldest corporate citizens in the Kingdom of Thailand.

As one of the pioneers in private power, our joint venture Amata PCL, where B.Grimm takes the biggest share and leads the strategic development, management and operation, provides clean, reliable and inexpensive electricity and steam to the national grid and over fifty large manufacturers of international repute in Thailand and Vietnam.

We are well diversified business active in fields of Energy, Cooling, Healthcare, Lifestyle, Digital, and Real Estate.

History Timeline

  • 1887

    Participation in construction of Eiffel Tower

  • 1904

    Founding of Hamon (BE and FR) - Cooling

  • 1970 - 1985

    Geographical expansion (Germany, UK, Australia, South Africa, USA)

  • 1985 - 2000

    Geographical expansion
    (Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, India, Brazil)

    - Film CT (UK)
    - SCAM (FR)
    - Thermopack (IN)
    - Thermal Transfer Corp. (USA)
    - D’HONDT (FR & BE) – PHE
    - CUSTODIS (USA) – Chimneys

  • 1992

    Officially established
    Hamon-B.Grimm Co.,Ltd
    in Thailand

  • From 2005

    Geographical expansion
    (Russia, Turkey, Singapore, Vietnam, KSA,
    Bahrain, Dubai, India, China, Korea)

    - DGE China
    - TS Filtration
    - Enviroserv

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